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Wind Down in West Palm Beach

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Boats at the Beach anyone?

If you're looking for a quick, relaxing getaway in the U.S., West Palm Beach is the place to book! My sister and I traveled to West Palm Beach, Florida for the weekend and it was the perfect location to wind down and relax on the beach. Not to be confused with the town of Palm Beach, the City of West Palm Beach is located west of Palm Beach and it is about 70 miles from Miami, FL. The flight from Chicago was about three hours and our Airbnb was only a 9 minute drive from the airport. The Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) is only a short distance from many of the local hotels, Airbnbs, and beaches.

I couldn't resist taking photos of the decor inside our Airbnb. Our Airbnb host did a lovely job with decorating the space with bright beach decor throughout the entire apartment.

Fun Fact: Both Palm Beach and West Palm Beach are located in Palm Beach County.

The beach in West Palm was mostly relaxing and calm for the most part; we noticed more traffic during peak hours in the afternoon, but it was overall not a crowded beach.

We spent most of our beach time at the Municipal Beach, which is the cleanest and most accessible public beach in West Palm. However, there are other beaches nearby for you to visit in neighboring cities, like Juno Beach and Palm Beach. I soaked up plenty of sun during our short stay here. The water was clear enough to see below and warm enough to relax in the waters for a while. I went out in the water to chase the waves, and it was so much fun! I felt like a kid again: I used to always run out and jump in the waves, during my childhood beach trips. It felt good to put my phone down and just enjoy all that this beach had to offer.

There were also hammocks nearby to chill in, before and after the beach. I took advantage of this and enjoyed reading some of my book by the water.

Soul PWR: A Poetry Anthology is available for purchase at

The Downtown West Palm Beach Waterfront is the place to be for most of the fun and entertainment in the city.

Reminder to take in all of your surroundings and to find joy in the little things.

West Palm Beach made for the perfect relaxing getaway, State-side. If you're looking for a quick beach moment or relaxing afternoon on a boat, this place is the perfect pick.

The Ben West Palm is a luxury hotel that features a rooftop bar with beautiful, scenic views of West Palm Beach. Here at the rooftop bar, you can order food from Spruzzo, the city's only restaurant and lounge with water-facing views.

Amazing Rooftop Views from the Ben West Palm

Although this was a quick trip with my sister, it was enough time for us to spend some quality time together and enjoy the near-perfect weather. I know we all had a long year of being inside and socially-distancing, so it is refreshing to be back outside and back with loved ones. As you plan your next trip, think of ways you can connect with your loved ones during your travels.

Plan to spend at least one of your days here in West Palm in Rosemary Square of Downtown West Palm Beach. Here at Rosemary Square, you will find the Waterfront with plenty of boats and yachts at the dock. We booked a Happy Hour Cruise on the Hakuna Matata, a fun and festive catamaran boat with a fully-serviced cash bar and snacks onboard. The boat cruise lasts for an hour and a half and it costs $30 per person.

The Problem-Free Philosophy

Clematis Street - The Heart of Downtown West Palm Beach

Along Clematis Street, you can expect to find art murals, boutiques, souvenir shops, and of course: food! There are plenty of restaurants serving different cuisines along Clematis Street and Flagler Drive. We enjoyed some great Mexican food at a nearby local favorite, Rivales Taqueria and Craft Bar. Some other suggestions for restaurants in Downtown West Palm Beach are:

  • Batch New Southern Kitchen & Tap

  • Dr. Limon Ceviche Bar

  • Sassafras

  • Hullabaloo

  • Sloan's - Famous Ice Cream Shop and Eatery, with the first location established in West Palm Beach in 1999.

Travel tip: When choosing a restaurant while on vacation, it is best to find a place with the shortest wait time or quickest dine-in time, to avoid taking away from your time to explore and adventure.

Who said tacos were only reserved for Tuesdays? Taco me please!

The streets of West Palm Beach are very colorful, with plenty of murals and street artwork to brighten up your day. I like that about Florida: the sunshine and the bright colors that fill the streets make for the perfect combination of good vibes.

Overall, this was a really nice getaway and I plan to be back in West Palm Beach soon. It was indeed a relaxing weekend, with plenty to an affordable price. Also, if you are interested in visiting Miami or Fort Lauderdale during your visit to West Palm Beach, then you can conveniently take the Tri-Rail train, which connects all three cities. The Tri-Rail runs on weekdays and on weekends; you can check out the weekly train schedules here.

May the rest of your summer days be filled with many more moments of pure relaxation and enjoyment!

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