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Seafood by the Sea

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

If you're like me, seafood is always a good idea. During my travels, I enjoy trying new foods, especially local foods. However, if there is a good recommendation for seafood, I'm always here for it.

"Prawns anyone?"

Believe it or not, I had some of the best seafood in Sydney, Australia. It actually makes sense because of all the fresh water fish that swim in the oceans and seas. The seafood was amazing, as well as the sushi. While having lunch by the Sydney Harbour, I tried a seafood spaghetti. Although this was different take on spaghetti, it was delicious. It was served with some of the biggest prawns (or large shrimp) that I've ever seen in my life. A nice, cold glass of champagne gave this meal the perfect touch.

"Sorry, no sharing"

One thing is for sure, when eating outside anywhere, beware of the critters and creatures that may want a bite of your food. Seagulls are particularly prominent in Sydney (think about the movie Finding Nemo and the constant "mine, mine, mine" you heard from the seagulls flying around the water). There was one bird in particular who just would not stop flying near our table; he was really persistent and convinced that we would be sharing our meal with him. My face says it all as I looked up at him, preparing to eat my meal. Nonetheless, I had an excellent dining experience at Portobello Caffe and I would rate the food as 10/10. Portobello Caffe is a quaint little restaurant with outside seating, in close proximity to the Sydney Opera House. You'll enjoy amazing views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge over the water, while eating a nice meal that is sure to fill you up. They have really tasty bread to try before your main course arrives and they have an excellent drink selection. I had the seafod spaghetti, but there were plenty of other delicious items on the menu like the steak and smoked salmon. I usually try something new when I'm traveling and I ask the server for recommendations if I can't decide what I want. I also prefer to eat outside when possible, because it enhances the dining experience with the views and ambiance of the outdoors. Next time you're in Australia, you must try some seafood before you go. Also, consider eating outside for your next meal. Bon appetit!

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